TOP 10 – Fishbone Braid Hairstyles 2018


Do you love protective hairstyles that are gorgeous, intricate, and make everyone ask who does your hair? Fishbone braids check off all these boxes, keeping your natural hair safe and secure while giving you the ease of waking up with a ready-to-go hairstyle for weeks afterwards. Featuring series of many cornrows with larger braids overtop of them, fishbone braided styles work with a full head of natural hair, but you can also get extra length, texture and color by adding extensions into your style. If you’re ready to find your perfect fishbone style, take a look at 30 of our favorite fishbone braided looks.

1 – Twin Fishbone Braids with Curved Pattern

Fishbone braids with two Ghana or boxer braids is a classic way to wear this style, giving you a feminine look that’s pretty for any occasion. Taking it up a notch from the standard style with a straight braiding pattern, this fishbone style uses a curved part and curved braids to bring extra visual appeal.

2 – High Ponytail Fishbone Braids with Weave

This fishbone braid style is great for keeping your hair secured in place, while the ponytail leaves you with some long hair to play around with. Unlike the typical fishbone braid pattern featuring cornrows at 90 degree angles feeding into larger braids, this cool ponytail uses more unique braided patterns right up against the hairline.

3 – Quadruple Fishbone Braids

By using four larger braids over top of the fishbone pattern underneath, this style has lots of sporty appeal, and is perfect for active women who want their hair to look stylish while requiring minimal maintenance.

4 – Criss Cross Fishbone Braids With Weave

If you’re looking to get really extra with a fishbone braided style, the hatched pattern created by these ultra skinny criss crossed braids is a look like no other. These little delicate braids balance nicely against thicker Ghana braids that have been pumped up with extensions and accessorized with contrasting purple wrap.

5 – Fishbone Braids Bun

If you’re thinking of a fishbone braids hairstyle for your wedding or another special occasion, this low bun can add some softness to your beautiful braided style. Especially for ladies who are used to wearing fishbone braids or other protective styles, this helps to update your look without making you look like a completely different person.

6 – Fishbone Braids High Updo

With lots of braids beginning at the hairline and converging at the top of the head, this high bun updo gives you 360 degrees of fishbone braids. We like this look for a less conventional style that will get you through at least a few busy weeks with no extra styling required.

7 – Crossed Pattern Fishbone Braids Bun

Another super unique fishbone braid style, this look uses a crossed braid pattern in the front, with more classic fishbone braids at the sides of the head. The hair on top of this look has been finished off in two-strand twists that come together to create a cute floral-looking bun.

8 – Fishbone Braids Mohawk

Most fishbone braid hairstyles don’t feature any loose hair, but this is a great example of how you can mix fishbones in with other looks. Tight braids at the sides of the head create a mohawk silhouette, while bouncy spiral curls give you a gorgeous crest of soft touchable hair.

9 – Fishbone Braids with Weave High Ponytail

This fishbone braided ponytail is all about the volume, using lots of braiding hair to create thick Ghana braids that really pop off of the head. With the addition of braid jewels, this fishbone braid style is perfect for a special occasion like prom.

10 – Curly Updo with Fishbone Braids

Reversing the usual style of fishbone braids at the top and sides of the head, this protective updo flips the script and puts the fishbone braids at the back. Spiral curls are then piled on top of the head to create lots of height and drama, and also let your play with having some face framing curls.


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