The Secrets of the most Natural and Beautiful Makeup



What is the correct makeup? In this month’s article, we inform you about the known mistakes in makeup and the tricks that will reveal your natural beauty…

In this month’s writing, I will give you the makeup secrets that you can apply in a simple and practical way so that you can get your natural beauty to the foreground. So you will add beauty to your beauty and shine naturally.

1- Enough Water, Enough Sleep

You have to drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure the natural radiance of your skin . A tired and sleepless body directly affects the appearance of the skin. If you sit between your daily habits late at night and do not get your sleep, apply just the right makeup, the result will not look as good as it is in rested skin. The first condition of a correct makeup is a healthy and radiant skin . This is also the way to drink plenty of water and sleeps to the extent of his ability.

2- Well Moisted Skin

If you want to achieve a dazzling result, you should absolutely moisturize your skin before you start to make up. Properly moisturized skin is one of the most important factors that make your makeup look good. No matter how good your material and technique you use if you are drying your skin, the result will not be what you want.

3- Hide Your Flaws Skillfully

Each skin has its own flaws. So start by choosing a suitable sealer for your skin type . You should close the defective areas of your skin with this concealer before moving on to the foundation riding stage. Then you need to apply a foundation that fits your skin type again. Applying the foundation with circular motion with the help of a brush will give you the best result.

4- Natural Eye Makeup

If you are applying a daily makeup, I suggest you bring out the natural beauty of your eyes. You can do this using the headlight in clear- colored tones . Starting with light tones, you can provide a shaded and pleasant look by driving a darker color towards the end of the eye from the fold area of ​​the eyelid.

5- Foggy Perspectives

If you are making up for a more special invitation , you might want your eyes to look more striking. All you need to do is apply a black eye pencil to your lower eyelashes and then spread it gently. This simple process will bring you foggy and enchanting looks .

6- Smile!

The smudge of the blushing application smile! When you lightly smile, your cheekbones will become clearer so you will see better where you need to apply your skin exactly. Depending on your taste, you can choose a blush in bronze or peach tones . Using a soft brush, gently move the cheekbones upwards, as if applying a tampon on your bones.

7- Last Touch: Lips

Your makeup will make the last touch lipstick. Lipstick has a number of key points. First, just as you moisturize your skin, you need to moisten your lips as well. If you have opted for light and natural tones in your eye makeup, you can use a more striking and distinctive color on your lips. So you will have a nice balance in all your makeup.

Now you are ready to go out and dazzle with a practical, nice make-up suitable for summer days!


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