Makeup For Plump Lips 5 Items You Need To Have In Your Bag


Although the beauty icon Kylie Jenner has decided to say goodbye to the lip fillings, the plump and attractive lips do not seem to come out of our beauty mark. In addition to Kylie Jenner, full-lips, such as Emily Ratajkowski, Angelina Jolie, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who have become the signature of Hollywood stars, are determined to keep their place in the beauty game. If you do not have a lucky genetics in terms of lip, do not worry, reaching full-lipped lips is not just aesthetic operations. In order to get bigger and sexy lips with make-up illusion, we have assembled 5 essential products of your makeup bag.

Well-dressed Woman’s Makeup Bag

1 – Dark & Light Pen

With an ashtray-like pen, such as eyebrow pencil, you can contour your lips and give a shade, and you can apply a light-colored lipstick to get your lips to the forefront. Contrary to this method, you can have lips look more fuller by taking the sharpness of your lip line with a nude-beige tone pen.

2 – Polisher

Mirrored products always reflect light and give a fuller look. Once you have applied your lipstick, add a luster to the center of your lips and enlarge your lips.

3 – Highlighter

Cupid’s bow, or the name of ours, will apply to Eros’ highlighter, giving you a fuller illusion by showing your upper thigh more prominent. You can also apply this product on lip-medicated lipsticks such as rinse-aid to enlarge your lips.

4 – The Count of Supply

As in Highlighter method, the purpose of contour application is to show the lips more prominent and to get to the foreground. Contrary to the highlighter you apply to Eros, create a false shadow by blending the contoured puddle into the lower lip of your mouth and get a more subtle lip.

5 – Lip pencil

Perhaps the most classical way to show your lips is big lips. For this method of setting up an empire over Kylie Jenner, frame your lips on a natural line and fill it with the same or an open-tone lipstick. The key point of this application is that your lipstick is matte finish.


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