10 Stylish And Cute Homecoming Hairstyles


Homecoming hairstyles are the perfect example of the elegance and charm your hair can have once in a while. Whether it’s your wedding, b-day or prom, one of the main things that all the occasions have in common is that women want to rock them with perfect looks.

And we are here to share some with you! Even those who prefer casual and messy ways of styling their hair will admit that homecoming hair is fabulous. Are you still having any doubts? Dive in! We promise that you will not regret it!

1. Simple Low Messy Ponytail

It doesn’t really matter if it’s your prom or homecoming day. The only thing that matters is that every girl wants to look special wherever she is. And a simple low ponytail with a messy touch and some wavy front locks is a good start.

2. Glamorous Twisted Ponytail

Some ladies want to wear hairstyles that reflect the importance of the upcoming event. If you are about to show up with a significant and elegant hairstyle, a textured twisted ponytail will come in handy. Take a familiar braid as a basis and combine it with a voluminous ponytail, spicing it up with some lovely twists.

3. Textured And Voluminous High Updo

Wearing high updos are one of the cutest and handiest way to get the most out of your hair type. Massive twists on the top with lots of pulled strands can create a very textured and lifted look, which is a win-win for ladies whose hair types tend to let them down.

4. Chic High Bun For Curly Hair

When it comes to homecoming hairstyles for curly hair, even the most familiar styles show up in a fresh light. The beauty of curls makes everything look more attractive, so an effortless bun with curly fringe will make you look as exceptional as never before.

5. Subtle Low Updo With Fishtail Braid

Simplicity will save the world, don’t you agree? The everybody’s favorite fishtail braid can turn into one of the top cute hairstyles. Everything is absolutely neat and straightforward, yet it’s hard to take eyes off this style.

6. Effortless Low Messy Bun

A couple of bobby pins and some swings of your fingers that run through your hair are enough to create an adorable messy bun. It not only gives a lot of natural volume to your hair but also will serve as a minimalistic detail to your special look.

7. Elegant Chignon Bun

Chignon bun hairstyles are all about the beauty of details in women’s looks. It’s always an excellent choice for a big night look as it’s absolutely versatile and comfortable to wear, which means it can suit any outfits and occasion.

8. Graceful Fishtail Crown Braid

It’s never too late to show everyone who’s the queen. And it’s never been complicated! Once you braid the top of your head, creating a gorgeous crown braid, and pull its edges to add fullness, you will realize that reaching perfection is easy.

9. Fascinating Dutch Braid Updo

How about you to impress everyone with the variety of texture on your homecoming hairstyles? The most breathtaking updo hairstyles for long hair usually feature braids. So why don’t you twist a Dutch braid into a fascinating, full ‘do?

10. Gorgeous Double French Braids

Two is always better than one, and the same goes for French braid homecoming hairstyles. Braids know how to reveal our femininity, and when this beauty is doubled, there’s no way people won’t notice how delicate you are.


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